About Us

Florida Title CompanyTitle Insurance is a necessary component in the closing of real estate transactions and allows real estate agents and mortgage brokers who recommend our closing services to provide peace of mind to their clients. We work tirelessly to ensure that all parties involved have a pleasant buying, selling or refinancing experience.

Once upon a time, title companies dotted the land. But, then it all changed.

Before the real estate market crash starting in 2005 there were title companies on nearly every street corner.  After the crash, all but a fraction of those title companies disappeared, leaving a void in the title insurance industry.  In 2013, to fill that void, Michele Lewis created a new title company, Florida National Title Services, LLC.  As a skilled real estate practitioner, Michele Lewis will apply that skill and knowledge to both simple and complex real estate transactions.

Yes, Florida National Title Services, LLC, is a title company. However, we differ significantly from the standard model.

All title companies provide the same essential services to facilitate the closing process and providing insurance to protect buyers and lenders from title defects.

How are we different? We are different in that we are managed by experienced real estate professionals with a combined 20 years of title agency experience. In addition to our talented and experienced staff, you can expect a licensed manager to review and supervise each file.  We pride ourselves in having professional managers onsite and hands-on.

We make closings easy and convenient while serving the entire State of Florida.

While we maintain closing offices throughout the State of Florida, if a closing office is inconvenient, we can hold a closing at a realtor’s office, a mortgage broker or lender’s office, or a client’s home.